Our Story

Newark Native

Established in 2014, Newark Native is an independent urban clothing and apparel brand for men, women and children. Our product line up for Spring/ Summer 2022 is nothing short of trendy and original. 

Although the name of our line implies that our clothing is only for people from the city of Newark, our brand is for everyone that can proudly represent where they're from. Be it Newark or elsewhere. 

Newark Native is sold in local stores and is available online with worldwide shipping via newarknative.com.

History shows how much the people of Newark have impacted the world around us. From the inventions created here to the talented artists, athletes and entreprenuers that were born and raised here. From the historical theaters that still stand to the new buildings and businesses being developed at this moment in time. Every second and minute, history is being made in Newark.

A lot of people only look to the negatives and totally forget about all the good that is here, but we're here to remind them. As a Newark Native, it is our responsiblity to guide our youth on the right path and our peers that have lost their way. It is our job to represent where we're from, properly and proudly, where ever we are. Growing up, I was always told, "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere". No statement could be more true.

There are many things in life that are changeable and very few things that aren't. One of them being where you're from. So......

Wear This Proud!

                            -Newark Native-